Işık Group and Soudal NV share transfer agreement

PVC curtain rails production and sales operations and commercial operations for other commercial products which are carried out under Işık Group are not included in this agreement.

Further to the agreement, current commercial operations of Soudal NV’s Turkey operation company İnşaat Malzemeleri A.Ş. will also be included in this transaction as soon as possible.

Also further to the agreement, Işıkgroup’s current management will play an active role in the re-organization.

Founded by Mansur IŞIK in 1966 and operated in the field of selling curtain rails and accessories by 1996, Işıkgroup started production and sales of mastic, adhesive and PU foam products in 1998 after A.Kemal IŞIK took charge of the company. In only 13 years, Işıkgroup’s Lightfix brand became one of the leading brands in the industry and with the 20 million units sales volume in 2010, it has become one of the leading mastic and PU foam manufacturers of Turkey.

Soudal NV company is the biggest independent manufacturer of mastic, adhesive and PU Foam products in Europe. With its turnover exceeding 400 milyon Euro, Soudal NV has 7 production plants on 4 continents.

Founded by Vic Swerts 45 years ago, Soudal NV serves for the professional construction industry, DIY markets and the industrial sector in more than 100 countries.